LatinXtransfer Podcast

Bad Bunny's Before and After Moment

SEASON 1, EPISODE 5 - March 22, 2019

Cazzu is the emo queen of Argentina's nascent trap scene, and she also happens to be the only woman invited onstage by Bad Bunny at his massive sold out hometown shows in Puerto Rico. I play WhatsApp voice notes from two people who attended those historic concerts to give us first-hand accounts of what went down (El Conejo Malo is now on tour in the US before hitting Europe this summer).

The segment 'Glosario de Reggaeton' is back -- and I go deep on Hector "El Father", the OG reggaetonero turned religious preacher. And as always, an eclectic mix of new music from the #latinxtransfer universe of many genres.

Rick Moon - 'Cracker Jack'
Mula - 'Ella Sabe'
Chhoti Maa - 'Loka'
Nino Augustine - 'Agua'
J Patron - 'Mi Medicina' ('Molly Water')
Cazzu - 'C14torce II'
Catalyna feat Farina - 'Alma desnuda' remix
Arema Arega - 'They Call Me Groovy'
Nitty Scott - 'Pelo'
Yeyo787 feat Jean (Coastcity) - 'Loco'
Bad Bunny - 'Tu No Metes Cabra'
Hector "El Father" - 'Noche de Travesuras'
Hector "El Father" - 'Déjale Caer To' el Peso'
Lennis Rodríguez - 'Gamers official remix'


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