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Bea Pelea and las nuevas cangris of reggaeton

SEASON 1, EPISODE 6 - Apr 5, 2019

In Spain, a new wave of women in urban music have each other’s backs and are promoting diverse reggaeton, dembow and trap from the underground scenes up. Bea Pelea hosts the monthly La Cangri party at Sala Apolo in Barcelona, where fresh talent get to perform and perreo is strongly encouraged. “If we express ourselves [just like men], and enjoy this style and dance, it stops being a sexist thing’, says Bea during our interview for LatinXTtransfer. She'll be making her London debut soon.

Speaking of cangris, in ‘Glosario del Reggaeton’ I had to dig up some old school Daddy Yankee. And what’s going on with Mexico’s reggaeton scene? Mexico City artist and producer Tate calls in via WhatsApp to give his perspective.

Mima feat International Dub Ambassadors - ‘Dos Amores’
Maye - ‘My Love’
Melii - ‘Fresh Air’
Bea Pelea feat Ms Nina, La Zowi - ‘Oye Papi’ (fragment)
Bea Pelea - ‘Házmelo Otra Vez’
Albany feat Yung Beef - ‘Articuno’
Niña Dioz - ‘Magdalena’
Tate - ‘No Va a Pegar’
Uzielito Mix - ‘Caramelo’
Daddy Yankee - ‘Segurosqui’


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