La Matemática de la Historia

Co-produced by La Coctelera Music and El Cañonazo Transmedia exclusively for Podimo.
Starring Francesc Orella as Alexandre Deulofeu.

Can the future be predicted? Journalist David de Montserrat i Nonó discovers the theory of Alexandre Deulofeu, a pharmacist, politician, philosopher of history and childhood friend of Salvador Dalí. With his theory, Deulofeu predicted the reunification of Germany, the defeat of the United States in Vietnam, the fall of the USSR ... and the collapse of the Spanish state which is slated to occur in 2029.

With Deulofeu's Matemática de la Historia (Math of History), Deulofeu forecasts the evolution of civilizations with a foolproof formula. Seventy-five years after the publication of the book that includes this formula, the journalist meets Deulofeu's grandson and together, they decipher this mysterious and forgotten work, which offers surprising clues to analyze current events and their consequences.

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