Catalunya any 0. Escoltar el virus

A sound documentary about how LA MIRA's journalistic team worked during the pandemic

Catalonia, year zero, is the story of a confined Catalonia. A sound portrait, in podcast format.

With the arrival of Covid-19, beaches, museums and streets, once known as crowded areas, were completely empty. People disappeared from public space and life was restrictedly indoors. Meanwhile, on the first line of defense, health-care professionals, firefighters and other essential personnel, put their lives at risk to gifht the virus. Through WhatsApp audios –exchanged by the La Mira team, during the first months of quarantine– journalists from La Mira managed to describe this new Catalonia. What was going on when the rest of us were still home?

A podcast, produced by La Coctelera Music and accompanied by the photographs captured by Jordi Borràs, (head photographer at La Mira) between March and June 2020.

Listen to 'Catalunya any 0' (in Catalan) on Spotify

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