La Semanal takes by storm New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas

October 13, 2022

By La Coctelera Music

At the beginning of October we premiered La Semanal, an Amazon original show available in audio and video. And how do we celebrate? Nothing more and nothing less than with huge billboards on Times Square in New York City, Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and the Las Vegas Strip.

La Semanal on Times Square, NYC

Times Square

La Semanal on Sunset Boulevard, LA

Sunset Boulevard

La Semanal on the Las Vegas Strip, NV

The Strip

La Semanal, a collaboration between Wondery Media , Amazon Music and La Coctelera Music , is a space designed to comment, analyze and have fun with everything that is making noise around Latin music and culture. Our hosts, Christian Acosta and Jessica Flores, provide us with all the Latin-releated info we desperately need. From reggeaton to the mere, mere Mexican music, and more. You can find new episodes every Wednesday for free on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.

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