La Coctelera Music in MAC 2022

June 1st, 2022

By La Coctelera Music

The co-founder of La Coctelera Music, Alex García Amat, was part of a panel entitled 'New sound entertainment: post-productions in podcast'. This took place during the Audiovisual Market of Catalonia (MAC) 2022. There Alex spoke about the philosophy behind each and every one of our projects and productions, and how they are heavily influenced by the cinematographic universe.

For Alex, podcasting in Spain is at a very similar point to when cinema made its transition into sound. A point, where –with all the tools and technology that we have at our disposal– develop our own codes around audio.

What is the future of podcasts?

“Audiovisual in Spain has gone from 'Farmacia de Guardia' to 'La Casa de Papel'. Podcast is in that same mutation.”


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