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May 2, 2022

By La Coctelera Music

Media outlets continue to cover the premiere of 'Punk in Translation: Latinx Origins', an Original Audible series we produced for Fresh Produce Media. This 8-episode documentary podcast series features the unsung Latin artists who were part of punk music's beginning and who greatly influenced later generations. Here are just a few of the recent press coverage 'Punk In Translation' has received:
#WeAllGrow Latina: Roundtable conversation

This digital community of Latina creators and entrepreneurs celebrated the official launch of 'Punk in Translation' last March with an exclusive virtual gathering moderated by host and Emmy Award winner, Pili Montilla, and two representatives of the series' production team: the show's host, musician Ceci Bastida, and our own Nuria Net, the series producer and co-founder of La Coctelera Music.

Latino Rebels Radio: interview

Latino Rebels and Futuro Media Group's Julio Ricardo Varela invited Punk in Translation's producerNuria Net and series host Ceci Bastida to talk about the Latinx pioneers who were crucial in the history of the punk and who are featured in the podcast. A very punk-rock interview about a very punk-rock podcast on a very punk-rock Latinx media organization: Latino Rebels!

NPR's 'It's Been a Minute' interview

Guest host Jasmine Garsd conducts a very personal and frank conversation with Punk In Translation's producer Nuria Net and host Ceci Bastida on the popular NPR program 'It's been a minute' on this episode which also discusses issues of diversity in the Netflix show 'Bridgerton'.

Interview starts on minute 15:14. Don't miss the fun quiz show at the end of the segment!

Listen to the episode on NPR.

'Punk in Translation: Latinx Origins' is available both in English and Spanish exclusively on Audible.


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