Nuria Net in Tangente Podcast

December 10, 2021

By La Coctelera Music

We know Nuria as a multifaceted entrepreneur, to say the least. Co-founder of La Coctelera Music and Remezcla, LatinXTransfer host, podcast producer, documentary music consultant, sound designer, storyteller guru, curator of good taste, working mom and … por ahí pa´allá. But we know little about her beginnings in radio and the LatinX musical universe. How did Nuria fall in love with this world?

This is the question that the Tangente Podcast team asked our she-boss. A super Xclusive Boricua-to-Boricua meeting, where Nuria talks about her career, the soundtrack for the documentary Mucho mucho amor, inspired in the life of the astrologer Walter Mercado, and more projects that are yet to come with La Coctelera Muisc.

You can listen to the interview on Tangente Podcast.


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