'Sangría Mix' premiere in Billboard's 5 Uplifting Moments in Latin Music

August 14, 2021

By La Coctelera Music

The Sangría Mix: Inside the Latin Music Industry with Mayna Nevarez features Mayna Nevarez, marketing fire-ball and key figure behind some of the biggest stars in the Latinx universe, like Daddy Yankee.

In every new episode, this she-boss invites us to a "virtual" sangria to exchange war stories and little-known facts about some of the most important milestones in Latin music. Mayna addresses issues that have gone unnoticed but are extremely important within the industry. Joined by artists and other industry leaders, she discusses different topics such as: the importance of creating impactful content for media, new trends and rising artists.

“With Sangria Mix we seek to share our knowledge with the new generation and highlight new talents and trends that have evolved within the industry”, expressed Nevarez in a recent statement. "We hope that our listeners will benefit from the valuable information they will have access to with each episode."

Sangria Mix is available through Apple Music, Itunes, Spotify, Google Podcast, among other platforms.

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Read the full article in Billboard.


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