Making movies without pictures

June 6, 2021

By La Coctelera Music

Podcasting is on the rise and this is just the beginning. The —not so sudden— success of podcasts comes from the amazing connection we share with sound. It’s in our DNA, from the womb. This is the thesis defended by Alex García Amat, co-founder of La Coctelera Music, in an interview for Catalonia Today.

“We have the example of cinema, when it changed from silent film to sound and a new cinematic language had to be developed. Recording sound led to a revolution, and the consequence was a new language that changed the way the camera moved, the point of view, the scripts. In the world of podcasting we’re at this stage. We need to create language and codes, we need to play with audio, and we’re no longer talking about the possibilities that technological innovations could offer us. Next we could be talking about the immersive podcast, surround sound, interactivity, augmented reality [...], all steps that will have to be taken”.

“What made us what we are is oral tradition and storytelling. Voice and word have extraordinary power, and if you add sound production design to the voice, as in the movies, the result is amazing. Even if you can’t see it, it’s evocative. And it’s an intimate format”, Alex comments.

Read the interview in Catalonia Today.


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