La Coctelera Music is a boutique podcast studio based in Barcelona with a global focus.

Our co-founders, Alex García Amat and Núria Net, are two renowned journalists and music experts with international experience.

Alex García Amat

(Co-Founder, La Coctelera Music)

Alex leads production and sound design at La Coctelera Music, the podcast studio he co-founded with Nuria Net in 2019. Alex was Editorial and Musical Programming Director at Radio Gladys Palmera (RGP) from 2006 to 2018.Under his tenure, RGP won a 2015 Ondas award for best online radio platform. He launched the RGP YouTube channel, which now tallies over 100,000 subscribers and more than 60 million views.

Alex has also scored the soundtracks for documentaries such as 'El Juego de Cuba' (Dir. Manuel Martín Cuenca, 'Best Documentary' Festival Cine Málaga) and 'Los Reyes del Reciclaje' (Dir. Alvaro Pardo, Morena Films) and has worked in sound design for advertising campaigns.

Núria Net

(Co-Founder, La Coctelera Music)

Nuria leads editorial strategy and growth at La Coctelera Music, the podcast studio she co-founded with Alex García Amat in 2019. Nuria's background is in music journalism and digital entrepreneurship, with a track record managing digital content and strategies in US media such as MTV, Univision, Latina Magazine, among others.

She is a co-founder of Remezcla.com, the pioneering Latinx digital media company that launched in 2006 in New York and was part of the editorial team that launched the Fusion television and digital channel, part of Univision, in Miami in 2013.

At Univision, Nuria was also responsible for music coverage and content on its digital platforms and launched the U-LAB brand, an incubator for emerging music talent and content.

Why podcasts?

57% of Spanish online users listen to audio online.
40% of them listen to podcasts.

The podcast, or audio on demand, stands out from other formats due to its immersive nature, its capacity to retain a proactive audience and its high consumption time.

Through podcasting, we help create or modify the perception that brands want to transmit about themselves.

The podcast is also a tool to improve the internal communication of a brand.

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