Tumble Media + La Coctelera Music: A bilingual podcast partnership

January 26, 2022

By La Coctelera Music

It all started in Barcelona 2020 when the world turned 180 degrees due to Covid-19. During those months of strictest confinement, children could not leave their homes and parents saw themselves facing a difficult task. How to explain to their toddlers –in a way they could understand– that life had changed because of a virus?

Lindsay and Marshall from Tumble Media quickly understood this necessity and compiled common questions that children had about the virus. The result was a very special episode of Tumble Science Podcast for Kids. But Lindsay and Marshall knew this was not enough. That is why, shortly after, they contacted our team to see if it was possible to create a Spanish version.

And that is how Tumble En Español was born, the first podcast for children adapted into Spanish.

Tumbe en Español will be available on all podcast platforms starting next January 28.

You can read the full story on Tumble Media.


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